Batch 2005 Names Data Base

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Batch 2005 Names Data Base

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IV -A boys
Bawat, Julius
Motto: i'm always right
Course to Pursue: commerce

Balong, Lan Arnoll J.
Motto:No man is an Island
Course to Pursue: Nursing

Budas, Ojie
Motto: No body is perfect, so a pencil has eraser.
Course to Pursue:criminology

Caday-as, Lyndon
Motto:Life is good when your having fun.
Course to Pursue:Com-arts

Dally, Rolando G.
Motto:all religions must be tolerated, for every men must get to heaven in his own way.
Course to Pursue:Priest

De Mayo, Ailyween James
Motto:examine the content, not the bottle.
Course to Pursue:Nursing

Dimas, Ronnel Galen K.
Motto:No kayam, kayak. No kayak, Kayam!
Course to Pursue:mass comunication

Ducat, Privan
Motto:Aim high and hit the mark.
Course to Pursue:nurse

Emmon, Tecson
Motto: Practice makes perfect.
Course to Pursue: Engineering

Guilao, Eddie C.
Motto:it is better to taste the hardship of education, than to taste the bitterness of ignorance.
Course to Pursue:Electrical Engineer

Guzman, Aneceto
Motto:No one can stand alone.
Course to Pursue: Nursing

Lamsis, Karl Lasley
Motto:for a happy life, always substitute all your expectations with acceptance; being happy is a choice not a chance.
Course to Pursue:nursing


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